Monday, 2 October 2017

051: let's talk, shall we?

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre @ KLPAC
I have been living under a rock for a few weeks. Detached and forced – by whom, ugh... myself. Desperately trying to catch up with everything that goes around me. I was devastated, yes. I was defeated, somehow, yes. I realized there are things that goes beyond your expectation even though you tried very hard until you bleed.

Everything is Allah’s plan, I understand.
Allah is the best planner, I do understand that too.

It just that, coping to a situation which you personally do not favored because of exterior factor such as settings and atmosphere – it kills. And after a period of time, I started to question the purpose of all the things I have done.

Why did I do it in the first place?
What is the purpose?
This did not make me happy – again, why?

And etcetera (because I’m good at being rhetorical – especially to myself) I mean, we tend to be extra strict to ourself compared to other people. Probably because we have that sense of ‘dude, you need to be good at this and this and this.’ I told the dearest friend of mine how I am so busy to the extend of me not getting any ‘me-time’ because I would not allow myself to do so. Ya know, perasaan yang bila kau duduk saja-saja tapi rasa bersalah sebab masa tu boleh terisi dengan sesuatu yang lebih berfaedah? Lol. I am such a drama, I know.

And my friend responded by, “Apa yang kau buat sampai orang lain ada masa untuk tengok drama apa semua dan kau tak?”

At that particular moment, I realized how I have been really harsh to myself. I have been working a lot and I did not let myself to have a rest because of things that I want to accomplish recquires me to work harder than I usually do. And bam! I’m burned.

The conclusion is – don’t wear yourself too hard :) Always do something that would make us happy and have a purpose! Having a purpose (intention, niat) would help us going further. Take care of our self better because once it goes ‘haywire’ – dang girl, everything would stop functioning and shit happens. And you will feel bad

Trust me, I have been there. Lol.
This is something I received in 2015 (farewell gift from Public Speaking Class) and every time I feel tired or I am fighting with my own stress - I would read this all over again just to gain strength.

How did you guys cope with your own inner stress?

Friday, 25 August 2017

Merdeka!Merdeka! Blogger Contest


One of the reasons, I like about being a Malaysian is that we in general are really celebrative peeps! I mean, we celebrate almost everything without actually seeing races and religions as a huge barriers. Of course, we do quarrels once in awhile. But meh - let see the bright side and you will love it.

I kinda miss the time when I was in secondary school. My school is a school that full of multiracial people. We have huge Malays popularity (lol the word) and same goes to Chinese and Indians (Orang Asli and Thai also we got meh!) Half of my class is Chinese and the rest is a mix of Malays and Indians students. I guess, mungkin tu salah satu sebab aku boleh 'masuk' kepala dengan mudah regardless people kalau aku nak :') #RightEducation.

Reminiscing the past, my chinese classmates would visit us during raya and they really like kuih raya and also duit raya lol. I remember Lydia puts two oranges/mandarins inside my drawer yet I forgot to brought it home duh during Chinese New Year. And how we visited Durkga's house during Deepavali with Baihaqi's green alphard - which actually a van (funny story lol!)

My favorite local brand at the moment would be:

This is weird. I have been thinking for the past few months that I actually had never get a new telekung for my own self ever since I was in Form 2. The last one is the one that my grandma gave me the first time I came to Kelantan.

I am 20 now and you do the math :')

I have this weird tendency of not letting go things that I have used. Period of usage? Does not matter. I am loyal like this. So loyal that I just feel something is wrong with me. The flowers on the telekung has already worn out because my so cute little devil kitten decided to 'attack' me when I was praying. #CatOwnerProblems 

I should start saving money to buy a new telekung. Merdeka! Merdeka! Sale ( will take place from 25 August to 31 August (where you can find special discounts up to 80%!). And there are a lot of things that we can actually grab during this special promotion *angkat kening double jerk* 

Having a nice well made telekung would not hurt once in awhile right? 

Plus, it has been almost 8 years! 

Telekung Siti Khadijah Klasik Faatiha (White) (One set - Telekung & Kain)

Telekung Siti Khadijah TPO (The Prayer Outfit) 4.1 (Pink)

If you are a blogger (whoops!) and you want to join the same excitements (probably your own story too about being a Malaysian) visit Lazada! :D

Sunday, 20 August 2017

050: Hyping up for next new semester

I did pretty decent last semester. Decent as in I do not flunk any subjects which is wallahi  I can never be grateful enough. I was pretty upset with my own self because I am totally acting like a genuine wallflower in Introduction to Poetry class. I like the lecturer tho – she is fantastic (no argue) and she reads Kazuo Ishiguro (double fantastic!), it just me. You know, I was overwhelmed because of my limited knowledge which is ... dissapointing?

(That is the reason why you study, you clever!)

There was this one session held in class by my department about Islamization of Knowlege given by Dr. Mahmudul (our deputy dean for IRKHSS). I remembered how it excites me to read language. It was the time where I see language study in better wider spectrum. I even feels like wanting to be a journalist at that moment because, accept it – we lack of Muslims journalist. We had to rely on non-muslims journalist to report on issue surrounding the Muslim world. Well, there is nothing wrong about them writing the report but isn’t better if we are the one who did it?

me: *thinking hard about what I have wrote in the blog*

Blood, sweat and tears – the perfect metaphors to explain what it is like to survive last semester. Do better, that is the key and of course do not neglect a spark of fun too. I believe you always need to have fun in studies. Uhm, even if you don’t – just try.

Or force the fun. Lol.

For the next semester, challenge promises to come bawling in different faces. I’ll be taking seven subjects which still normal (18.5 credit hours) had to ace this one tho if I want to take Law as my minoring (in consideration).

I started exercising since last week. It is been a while since I loosen up the screw y’all (4 months holiday) and my body is in pain. I want to loose some fats, enough to make me look fit. Probably gain some muscle too, k joke. Everyone keeps telling me that I have gain weight – and yas it does. The makciks of course. The last time I weighted myself, it was 68kg. Since, I am quite on the tall side – friends told me that it is fine for my figure. But man, I was offended when I know Donghun is much more lighter than me when he is dang tall. *throws chocolate in my hand away* Plus, I might gonna start training for KWD (silat competition) which will be held at the end of the year. If I cannot endure the training, man, I probably gonna went mad (and suffers from muscle-sore).

I need to eat well too. I noticed that I can hardly refrain myself from eating too much. My too much is real too much that if I post the picture of my daily meals you would cry. A river.

I do hope that next semester (and more) would be a beautiful memory and a good starter for me.

So, Fatin;
Live healthily. Read plenty. Study better. Save money. Confront fears. Built Connections.

Be happier.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

049: Would You Rather, book tag

1. Read only trilogies or stand alone?
Stand alone, because I do not like the idea of being left hanging. Yet, I enjoy reading Percy Jackson’s series by Rick Riordan, The Maze Runner series by James Dashner and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogies by Jenny Han (did not read the last installment lagi though :p)

2. Read only female or male authors?
I wanna read both sobs this is hard but I guess, female?
This is weird, but when I first started reading English books I prefer to read pieces written by male authors and usually avoid reading from female authors until two years ago? (Duh, I know right?) I read from both gender from time to time, but male authors’ pieces seems to pique my interest more.

The reason is, I had this well uhm we could call it illusion that all female author write only chick-lit – which I do not really preferred. Again, back then lah. There is a story which makes me change my preference lol but, next time. Now, I read more from female writers than male authors, I guess?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck

 3. Shop at Barnes & Nobles or Amazon?
Uhm, nopes since this girl hate the idea to spend her money over shipping-fees (can buy more books) and again, waiting. I prefer going to bookstore myself because I find utopia there. Ocassionally, I would buy from MPHONLINE because of member’s discount. Hiks.

4. All books become movies or TV shows?
TV Shows, I like it if they can emphasize or work on single detail that appears on the book <3

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
5 pages per week. Trust me, reading is a bless and bliss for me. However, sometimes I would stop reading because I kinda dislike that feelings of ‘you-need-to-finish-reading-this’. You would not understand, I hate restrictions.  Now that I think, why does I feel like it is a restriction at the first place?

A thing to ponder before sleep, Faten.

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?
Author. #PrayforFatin

7. Only read your top 20 favourite books over and over again or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?
New ones. Eventhough I found out that by reading books over and over again could actually helps in improving my understanding and details that I might not notice – new books promises new adventure as well as knowledge.

8. Be a librarian or book seller?
Book seller. I used to be a librarian, but nah now I feel like providing a ranges of books to people in my own space. I told you before. Besides, I would have more opportunities to share my loves for book to more people.

No worry, you are all welcomed to the opening, one day.

9. Only read your favourite genre or every genre except your favourite?
Every genre. I usually had this sudden inclination to “Eh-Rasa-Nakbaca-Buku-*insert books genre*” out of nowhere. I have that in me. Lol. And, changing from genre to another once in awhile helps me to overcome my reading slumps.

10. Only read physical books or e-books?
Ebooks. I like physical books but I can fit a lot more in my device as I usually jump from one book to another real quick even before I’m halfway through it.


Thank you Rasya for tagging me! I wish I could tag some more people but ... since I do not have that much blogger ...................... friends –‘ Feel free to do this tag (as well as being my friend)

Hahahahahahahahaha, k I need to stop.
Until the next time, have a bless!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

[review] Golden Time

Title: Golden Time | ゴールデンタイム
Episodes: 24
Aired: Oct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
          Due to a tragic accident, Banri Tada is struck with amnesia, dissolving the memories of his hometown and past. However, after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he decides to move on and begin a new life at law school in Tokyo. But just as he is beginning to adjust to his college life, the beautiful Kouko Kaga dramatically barges into Banri's life, and their chance meeting marks the beginning of an unforgettable year.
           After having a glimpse of college life, Banri learns that he is in a new place and a new world - a place where he can be reborn, to have new friends, fall in love, makes mistakes and grow. And as he begins to discover who he was, the path he has chosen leads him towards a blindingly bright life that he will never want to forget. [Written by MAL Rewrite] - Credit to MyAnimeList

There are times while I watched this anime I feel like throwing a punch right directly into Tada Banri’s face or spanking Kaga Kokou’s head for acting silly (read: her unusual self). Watching Golden Time evokes my emotions, ripping my heart yet tended it back. Considering for all this time, I only watched Sport Anime even if I did layan drama/sliced-of-life anime it would be real back then.

Golden Time is a good starter for me, then. I watched this anime without no prior information, the synopsis or such. I asked for a good bunch of animes from a friend of mine (with note saying #NoHeavyIntenseAnimePlease because he seems to be enjoying intense anime and I can’t handle that. Yet.) and this is one among the others.

The first episode managed to attract my attention with it’s university-life-themed, Tada Banri’s first day enrolled in a university, meeting Matsuo who soon be his closest friend and also ... sudden attack from Kaga Kokou with uhm ... roses ... on Matsuo’s face. Literally, slapping his face with the roses bouquet because she was so frustrated that her childhood friend is trying to get away from her. Lol. That girl, I told you, is so freaking persistent. And clingy.

The next thing I realized, I like her character. A lot. I found her persistence as a charm and not a nuisance. She’s so pretty by the way. I usually do not really pay much attention on such detailing however her fashion style is so good to passed by. Lol. The characters also constantly evolving, so does the plot. It’s not too slow or fast – the timeline for me is legit eventhough it’s not being mentioned clearly.

Golden Time has enough drama, angst and comedy. I swear the comedy is just so smooth that I went – did I just laugh? Lol. I like the interactions between the girls, the boys and both of the groups. I even like it more that the anime does not contain anything that is just there to display, unnecessary props I would say. For instance the photo of Banri and Linda that Banri slips between the books, the matching mirror, even the OkaMera. I guess, that is one of the reasons making me instantly pay attention to any of its detailing.

I laugh a LOOOOOOOT during this part cis

The ending?
To be honest, I don’t expect that. 
Nonetheless, it’s already satisfy me. Hiks. 

Picture taken from 1&4 | 2 | 3 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

047: diameter

Diameter, kalau dicari maknanya:
Diameter (n.) – the lenght of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two point on the circumference.
Jadi sekiranya aku meletakkan memori sebagai diameter yang menghubungkan antara titik pertama (aku yang dahulu) dan titik kedua (aku yang sekarang), legit kan?

Aku rasa aku sejenis manusia yang suka bergelumang dengan memori, boleh jadi jugak masa lalu. Dalam erti kata lain, a past-oriented person barangkali, seperti yang aku pernah belajar dalam subjek Social Studies dulu. Tak, jangan percaya; ni self-diagnosed. Aku antara manusia yang suka ingat benda-benda yang kadang-kadang pelakunya sendiri pun tak ingat. Sampai satu masa orang pun terkejut dengan apa yang ingat.

Haih, kalaulah aku punya memorization untuk ayat Quran pun semantap ini :')

Bila bercakap soal diameter, apa yang buat aku terfikir pasal benda ni sebenarnya selepas aku keluar dengan kawan-kawan baik aku sejak sekolah menengah. Lawak jap bila fikir, kawan-kawan sekolah rendah adalah kawan-kawan yang aku jumpa semula dekat universiti. Tapi kawan-kawan dari sekolah - to be precise since I moved during form 2 adalah mereka yang stay sampai sekarang. 

I can never be that glad, am I?

"Saya tengok semua orang dahlain sekarang. *** dah banyak cakap nakbandingkan dengan dulu." - A.

Boleh dikatakan, walaupun aku sendiri taktahu sama ada perubahan ini disebabkan perubahan persekitaran, masuk IPT misalnya ataupun disebabkan semua orang, pada satu titik akan membesar keluar dari sekadar ulat dalam kepompong. 

People changes. 
Reality bites.
And truth
Truth hurts.
"Kita semua dahberubah, mana ada orang kekal sama macam dulu. Kitorang nampak sama sebab kitorang taktunjuk je perubahan kitorang." - F.

Tapi kita takboleh naktahan ulat supaya selama-lamanya jadi ulat yang stay dalam kepompong. Takkiralah macam mana selamat sekalipun dia dalam kepompong tu. Ada orang yang kita terpaksa lepaskan. Dan sebagai kawan, seburuk mana pun perangai seseorang itu, seburuk mana pun layanan yang kita terpaksa hadap sementara dalam proses mereka mengenal dunia, taksalah kalau kita jadi yang akan sentiasa ada di hujung hari.

Because people constantly changes :)

Walaupun diameter akan sentiasa bertambah apabila perimeter bulatan jugak bertambah, tapi bad memories are also a part of memories - macam P'Hippie cakap dalam drama U Prince Series: The Crazy Artist.

Ye, aku layan Thai Lakorn.

Until the next time! May Allah ease everything :D

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

046b: Zaful, sincerely

Guess who in the cloud nine at the moment?

I placed the order on Monday (26 June – yes in amidst of drowning myself in Kuih Raya craziness guys), the payment being made on Wednesday (28 June) and I received the parcel today which is (4 July). 9 days in total. I do not expect the parcel would come anytime soon since I thought international shipping are going to take at least 2 week?

Apparently its not. And free international shipping until it is sent in front of your doorstep promised by Zaful, its true.

*click the picture to get redirected to the website*

Color Block Denim Spliced Dress
The material is surprisingly, nice. The first two upper block of the dress is made from polyester and the bottom block well, its denim – the light one. It has two pockets so I can rest my hand inside in order to look swag (read: suweeeeg).

It fits me perfectly, yet maybe I should have ordered 2XL instead because I prefer wearing something big (to ace the hip hop looks lol kidding). But I’m fine – I’m not gonna give up on you to my sister, dear new dress

I swear she would be cheering to have mine :’)

PU Leather Baby Breath Moon Quartz Watch
look at that crescent :D
You know I don’t wear watch yet this black watch strap is so comfortable. I really like the leather strap! And the rim (?) and all that glitters inside. The watch is wrapped with bubble wrap and was placed into a an envelope which also had bubble wrap inside. #HiglySecured.

Did I tell you how the face could act as an effective mirror :DD

So overall, I am satisfied. The items are in a good condition suitable with its price. The process is convenient and they actually respond to our email quite fast (working hour).

Friday, 30 June 2017

[review] This Impossible Light by Lily Myers

picture is mine :D

This Impossible Light - Lily Myers
Page: 352
PENGUIN GROUP (Penguin Young Readers Group)
Philomel Books
Poetry , Teens & YA
Pub Date 06 Jun 2017
Source: NetGalley

I had to be constantly reprimanded that good books does not have definite shape. It could be book with unattractive cover, repetitive plot or might even be a debut piece – which finally found its way through the fame walkaway.

This Impossible Light is a story told from a fifteen years old girl who had to struggle in amidst of every broken pieces that comes apart unexpectedly. Reading this piece makes me realize how right word would bring the right emotions. That numbers and detailing is not that important. You could bleed from a single word. That you could burn a heart with an unthoughtful response. (This is me being weird) Some of the word pierce through my heart, bull’s eye that it hurt so much making me stop reading it for awhile.

It hurts because it is the truth.

Ivy is a smart girl, something that she always tell herself. However, this becomes one of the reasons of everything that happened later.

This Impossible Light is a piece that show poetry could be pretty amazing and flexible, I guess? That does not sound convincing isn’t it? Certain part of This Impossible Me make me goes like ‘This is visual poetry isn’t?’ because of the used of spacing and the word assembling. Visual poetry is a type of poetry that accentuates its presence through shapes/picture, like this one below:

I enjoy this pieces more than I expect it to be. I did catch a glimpse for the first few pages after I download it. Yet, I just dump it away because I thought it is a collection of poetry T_T Don’t take me wrong, it’s not like I hate (which is a strong word by the way) poetry even though I almost failed the class, it just I don’t feel like reading one at the moment. Besides, I did quite a lot of reading in Ramadhan yet none finished except for 5 Tahun 5 Bulan (re-read). 

I would not say this is a light reading; the form are – easy to digest but the content and plot is quite heavy (for someone who enjoy reading contemporary books). Easy to digest because the choice of word is easy to comprehend. The plot, well – there’s something in the plot that pull the gravity.

And uh, sometimes. Sometimes? We just need to try reading different kind of materials to see a wider options, more diverse knowledge waiting for us to explore.

Have a nice (Raya) day ahead!

Monday, 26 June 2017

046: of Red Halter Dress and Zaful

I would be that one person who would type “Why do Almond London is called Almond London” or “The reasons behind London in Almond London cookies” because it is oddly satisfying to type that specifically long in the search engine. So, when I found out that Zaful, an online fashion store which allows me to type things such as  “red halter dress”, "robes de cocktail courtes" (which is in French by the way) or long sleeve lace dress yet still comes with a reasonable search result (nothing like a flag for red halter dress for example), I am beyond euphoric!

            I google-d to know more about Zaful. You know, the basics such as their service, the quality and such, just to get the general idea based on reviews (which is a mix of both good and bad). But then as I had always been a firm believer of ‘I would judge based on my own experience’ – I decided to give it a try since they gave me $50 to spend. My experience with Lazada (services usually claimed bad and faulty yet depends on the seller) had been good.

So, no harms trying? :’)

Scrolling the websites, going through every pieces of the clothes, footwear and even accessories makes me almost cry in agony because uhm ... its an international based online store. To be honest, I had to voice out my concern over buying from international-based webstore. Other than shipping (Zaful provides worldy shipping which gladly covered by them whenever we spend more than $30) and well, the price itself – thinking how much would it cost once converted to Malaysian Ringgit (almost 4MYR = 1 USD)

IT IS A CONCERN *closed the laptop, goes crying*
But then –

Zaful 3rd Anniversary blog giveaway

My dear followers, there are some news I would love to share with you guys. One of the biggest online fashion store “Zaful” is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

I'll checked out the details about this anniversary blog giveaway. TBH, It's quite awesome. The link to their blog is over here:

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my namebananafatenafter participating the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards!

Many thanks!

$100 worth of shopping is crazy! And there is a lot of things that straight goes inside my wish list from the website. Suddenly, I feel like buying a cute denim jacket (which uhm I would never use *winks*), a long bohemian dresses (could be paired up with the jacket honestly), heels that somehow looks so pretty yet I swear I would never wear since I am currently a 169cm tall girl with mostly pendek-ians :’)  

You know #UhmTheFeelingThatYouNeedToBuySomethingUn-NeededLol. Yet, among all those things I wish I could have – there are three items that is on top of my list;

1. Bowknot Stripes Shirt With Pocket - Stripe L ($18.92) (SALE)
            This dress kinda radiates kdrama feeling to me lol. I think I have seen the heroine from Suspicious Partner (K-Drama) wore this once :’) Who knows I probably met my own love prosecutor-turned-lawyer-boyfriend with this as a charm! Ah, yeah – this is me wanting to share a little tiny bits of luck from her lol.
Okay, joking.
But it’s cuteeeeeeeeee.

            This would be good with a slack/jeans or simply skirt. Besides, it is blue in colors. Probably one of the most valid reason for me to have it on my closet.     

It’s been ages since the last time I wore a watch around my wrist. The last time probably 4 to 5 years ago. Been keeping my wrist free from watch or even bracelet (the only jewellery I could bear to wear) and its weirdly comfortable hiks. However, since last year, I keep wanting to buy one since I feel like I need it. #UhmTheFeelingThatYouNeedToBuySomethingUn-NeededLol.

And look at those crescent-shaped needle watch! Isn’t it cute?
How I wish I could change the difference between Malaysian Ringgit and US Dollar :’)

I should work harder I guess.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

045: an episode


My baby sister is going to her university soon and my Kakak Besar’s heart (read: me) is not prepared yet. She is not the last one, I still got my two others baby brothers which already taller than me that it always make me pissed-off. I am 169cm and used to be the tallest one among my siblings /pushing the reality asides now/ I remember how Hafiz and Amirul, both were so mad at me because I used to tease their physical shortness lol.

Taste the karma now Faten :’)

They occasionally put their hand on my head and pat it (like real hard I thought my head would become twisted) too! That is soooooooo disgracing on many levels!

I used to distance myself from my siblings. I do not talk that much and would usually do my homework on my study table inside my rooms only. I don’t share about who my secret crush(es) or even how tired am I at school with my siblings. I basically kept things to myself. If I talk to them, well, it would be in forms of:

1 – yelling(s)
2 – command(s)
3 – angry/fierce tones

Basically what almost every Kakak Besar do. Lol.

I always wonder what is it like to have older brother/sister but now that I think back – I rather not. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I noticed how things started to change after I ‘move’ to Selangor pursuing my tertiary education here, away from my family. It’s been three years, I guess? Almost. I guess being away from your closed one could make you realize how precious some relationships are.

I talk to my mom a lot, like a real a lot that I think my Mom even malas naklayan me already. I would send messages at Izzati once in a while, telling things – sometimes even the smallest thing ever exist that she will goes “Tu pun nakcakap. *insert-malas-nak-layan-emoticon*” and I would counter back “ah nanti kau rasa padan muka.” I sent WhatsApp to Hafiz once which makes me want no more sending him text. I messaged him “Hai pakwe.” in the morning which he later replied at night.

Or is it the tomorrow’s night?
How loving we are isn’t?

Whenever I’m back at homes, we would spend our time watching movies on my laptop. Every one would snuggle in their own blankets and pillows, packed on me and my sister well-made queen sized bed. Since we usually watch horror themed movies :’) The only genre that could cater everyones liking as sappy love movie is a no-no for my brothers (but they watched Hikayat Cinta Si Pematah Hati hmph) and action/fighting movies would bored me and my sisters.

Horror genre is the only one which we could comes to agreement. And animation, occasionally.
Being away really makes me realize how blessed we are to be around our loved-ones. No matter how annoying they are (like asking ‘kak mu ado gewe doh kei kat u?’ /translate: Sis, you already have boyfriend isn’t at the university?/ while plastering the i’m-ready-to-dig-and-pissed-you-off-eyebrows) Don’t you think so?

There are things I only realized after such a long time and this blessing is one of them. They are growing up, one by one and I’m not ready to face more surprise. I’m thinking how my mother would feels like, seeing one by one of her *ehem* beloved well behaved children are getting bigger. We have Izzati, the accountant (since she usually bank in the money for me lol), Hafiz the pengawas solat (he twist my knee once to wake me up for Subuh :’) It works nevertheless) and Amirul...


being the annoying spoiled youngest through and through.

We took siblings’ picture once with Amirul’s smartphone and when I asked for the picture through WhatsApp, he said he already delete the picture.



Tuesday, 30 May 2017

[special] Blue Sky Tag


Few friends from blogger community have been lovely enough to tag me. I have been tagged by Farah (FARAHZ) , Eyqa (DEWI) and Jar of Journals; Thank youuuuuuuuuu for not forgetting me lol XD I'm so so so sorry for taking such a long time before answering all your questions. 

THE RULES1. Thank the person who tagged you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer
This question has been tagged by Farah

1. What was the last song you listen to? Describe about it.
Attention by Charlie Puth which to be honest, I just turned on the before answering this tag lol.
I would describe it as a tangled mess (the song is gooooooooood no offense) it just the guy, or should I said the narrator (?) he’s a mess because he still cares when he can just shoves everything aside.

2. What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you're driving?
I don’t drive. Sadly. But I guess, since I’m that one particular person whose emotion usually easily influenced by songs I listened to – ballad would be good.

3. What is your favorite band?

At this moment, probably – ACE. I really loves all the covers they did!

4. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at mamak/warung or expensive and delicious food at hipster/famous cafe?
Obviously, money comes first! Lol, besides I find comfort more by eating at mamak/warung than hipster café if I’m gonna hang out with les friends.

5. What is the thing that you're good at?

Lol, jokes. I am good at ‘reading’ people which could be scary at times because I don’t know? The fact that knowing someone could read your actions and behaviors are scary isn’t? *pretendtobenotscarierthanialreadyis*

6. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?
If it significantly would affect the relationship from both side, I would rather make another options instead; not choosing anyone at the first place. I’m just that kind of person.

7. How would you describe yourself?
Emotion-balls, snappy at times. Probably that one person you would not love hanging around with </3

Nah, I'm joking.

8. Do you really love what you are doing now? (Study/job/etc)
Yes. I guess sometimes you just had that one tiny little doubt if you ever made the right choice of being ‘here’. May Allah ease everything for us :)

9. When did you start blogging?
When I was 14, but not seriously until the past two years.

10. Why did you start blogging?
Letting out emotions, because that’s the way I am. I find comfort in writing rather than spilling it to people, face to face.

11. What do you love the most about your blog?
Of not attached to any type of niche area. *wink*

Question from Dewi

1. Do you know Finn of Adventure Times?
Sadly, no. Maybe I should google.

2. How much a 10Kg of raw rice cost? 😀
I guess, RM16++ depending on the brands.

3. Do you prefer matte lipstick or nope?
Matte lipstick kinda looks like plastic for me because of the texture. *forgive this make up noob please* But I like the shades they offer tho.

4. How do you arrange your daily task?
According to my likeliness to do things. Lol, that spelled lazy in a way. However, even if it is hard to believe – I usually list down the things I need to do either in my journal or inside my head, preferably in accord to my willingness. 

That’s how I play my game me ladies.

5. Was Power Rangers your childhood favourite cartoon?
YES! I remembered how I used to stan over the red power rangers because uhm he’s cool. Fill up my every Saturday’s evening :’)

6. Name me a perfume you are wearing now.
Victoria Secret – Vanilla Lace, sometimes I alternate with Pure Seduction if I feel like wanting something freshier.

7. Nasi lemak or roti canai?
How. Could. You. Do. This. To. Me.

I am an avid fan of both! But uhm, I rather choose roti canai then <3 

8. Coffee or tea?

9. Favourite cakes flavor?
White Chocolate Macademia.
source: Secret Recipe
10. Where are you going to celebrate eidul fitr this year?
At my grandparents/my house also lol because basically I’m living with my grandparents so yeah, every year had been the same :D

11. What theme your eid fitri kuroong this year gonna be?
Navy blue because both my younger brothers insist of having those color. Been wondering why lol.

Question from Jar Of Journal
1. What would you name a fanclub if you have one and why.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  *confident level drops to gsdsds$%$^*

I can't even sobs I'm sorreh.

2. Show your makeup palettes collection or any makeup stuff that you love.
source: Tumblr/makeup
Can I cry instead? I do not have any make-up well, if you even considered lip balm with au naturale color is one of it.

I like the hues of the sky better :')

3. Recommend one of your favourite book and rate for it.
If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson because you should read it like it soooooooooooooo freaking good with the right emotions, right characters and the right plot. 4.5/5 for me! I am so gonna buy the physical copy by the end of this year.

You should too!

4. Show your handwriting.

This is from last year to be frank ._.  My handwriting did change a bit but ...................................this is fine. I kinda miss my notes on this subject T_T hoping anyone who get a hold of this could benefit from it.

5. What do you think you're good at?

6. Vintage theme or garden theme or beach theme for wedding?
Garden theme! You could never be wrong with flowers, bunch of them unless you are allergic to it which is too bad.

7. Three current favourite songs.
Attention – Charlie Puth (my friend called it mainstream but nah I’m good)
Despacito –  Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber (let just admit the spanish lyrics caught my attention and man the melody is good)
Lebih Sempurna – Syamel (emotion balls, remember)

8. Top three favourite store to visit when you go to mall.
Guardian and Watson is a must lol. Cotton On.
Note that I don’t usually buy things, I just love going inside, wandering around.

9. Tell about a unique thing about yourself.
I have a lot unexpected interests, in other word: I'm easily attracted to new things.

10. Recommend three blogs, why?
 Chapters - She's special in a way :D
The Pawsome Lion - He's a good writer, with a thought that the 10 years old me wouldn't even be.
The Hundred Pages - A book blogger which mean more sources to good books recommendation with a little hint of spoiler lol because I love spoiler <3

11. What do you think about my blog (jarsofjournal)?
I have been following your blog (secretly admire) lol all your works on poetry.
It's spells love.

I would be tagging these few fellas of mine:

And the questions would be
  1. Do you have anything in particular that you want to achieve this Ramadhan? 
  2. Song(s) that you would recommend to anyone at this moment.
  3. Have anyone told you something about yourself that you found ridiculous? Mind sharing?
  4. What is your current addiction? Why?
  5. Have you ever make a prank? Tell me about it.
  6. Piano or guitar? 
  7. A quote you try to live on.
  8. Little things that you usually noticed but others did not? *creepy but swag*
  9. Do you pay attention more to the lyric or the melody?
  10. A picture that describes your emotion at this moment.
  11. Something which have been lingered around your mind for the past few days.